The increasing demand of PE pipe reflects the urgent need for pipe network reform
Upload Time:2021-01-07
It is reported that there are dozens of new water supply pipes such as PE pipes, aluminum plastic pipes and multi-channel pipes on the market, which are not only environmentally friendly, but also fully meet the requirements of the state. At the same time, they have been used for more than 50 years. Municipal and building water supply and drainage are still the main downstream of the pipeline industry. With the construction of large-scale industrial projects, the promotion of rural water-saving irrigation and safe drinking water projects, the application of PE pipe products in industry and agriculture will be further expanded. The annual growth rate of plastic pipe is still in line with the national forecast of about 17.5% in 2016.
Jinzhou Xiuting pipe manufacturing reminds that people in the industry have a unified understanding of the anti-seismic performance of PE pipes. PE pipes have unique flexibility and excellent scratch resistance. They are easy to move, bend and interpenetrate, and are not easy to break in case of pavement settlement and dislocation. They have good anti-seismic performance. In the 1995 Kobe earthquake in Japan, the only pipes that did not cause large-scale damage were PE gas pipes and water supply pipes. It is also because of many advantages, including PE pipe, that it occupies an important position in the European pipeline market, and has become the fastest growing pipeline product in the application of various plastic pipeline products in the United States in the past decade.
Jinzhou Xiuting pipe system reminds that the future promotion of pipeline is mainly PE pipe. Instead, the proportion of PVC pipes in China is decreasing year by year. The proportion of PVC pipe and PE pipe in developed countries in Europe and the United States has been equal, 45% and 41% respectively. It is the general trend for PE pipe to replace PVC pipe. The national "13th five year plan" goal clearly states that by 2020, the promotion and application of plastic pipes will mainly be PE pipes, and vigorously develop new plastic pipes, so as to complete the pipe network reform project as soon as possible.